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About the course: balance is possible!

'We may think of joy as something that happens spontaneously. Few people realize that it needs to be cultivated and practiced in order to grow.'
— Thich Nhat Hanh,
Zen Buddhist teacher

I started my journey in pain.

Stiff. Self-conscious. Self-critical. Anxious.

I thought I was alone in this pain. I thought I was UNIQUELY messed up for finding life hard.

But as I’ve learnt more about myself I’ve found

to hurt is to be human.

Which is why for thousands of years humanity has come up with ideas and practices to help us transcend the pain. It turns out through PRACTICE and supporting each other on our journeys, 

you and I have an AWESOME CAPACITY for healing, growth, compassion, peace, balance and joy.

Tai Chi, meditation and Daoism have transformed my mind and body.

In this course, I want to share with you the most powerful ideas and practices that have helped me that I hope (and believe) can help you. 

Here’s what’s in store for the course!:

Joyful Tai Chi

Move with freedom and joy

Tai Chi is not just a movement practice it’s a philosophy for life. Come PLAY tai chi. No matter your fitness or stiffness, experience the transformative power of playful movement.


Ancient wisdom for harmonious living

The Daoists from ancient China developed powerful insights into how we can live in harmony with a natural vitality. I share some of their most powerful ideas, their silliest stories and life changing practices…


Tap into the power of the breath

Few people realise how breathing can transform almost every aspect of life. I share simple breathing principles that can help with stress, anxiety, sleep, confidence and so much more. Best of all, you can practice anywhere and it only takes a few minutes a day to see amazing results.

Qi Gong

Become flexible: physically and mentally

One of our basic needs is to move. Every course involves movement, often Qi Gong from ancient China. As we open up our bodies, we open our minds and raise our energy!


Develop calm clarity.

Meditation is the core practice to help us live with freedom. As we still the mind, we gain clarity as to who we are really. We naturally become more compassionate to ourselves and others.


Personal growth the playful way 💪✨

We can be sincere without being serious. In all the courses, I’ll invite us to be silly together, to smile at the parts of ourselves that we may normally dislike. Be surprised at play’s transformative power.


Tai Chi: move with freedom and joy

Do you sometimes feel self-conscious? Awkward? Worry what people think about you?

Tried some movement practice but felt “I’m not flexible enough”? “I’m not a good dancer so tai chi is not for me”?

Over the course I’ll invite you to transform your perspective on your self-consciousness.

Instead of it being something BAD, can you see it as all ENERGY TO PLAY WITH?

Tai Chi is not just a movement practice it’s a philosophy for life.

Tai Chi invites us to accept EXACTLY where we are. Including all the RIGIDITY and SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS.

And the perplexing thing is that as we accept ourselves, we begin to soften, we begin to flow, we begin to feel an ease and a joy.


Joyful Tai Chi: Release your inner dancer, no matter your fitness or stiffness 

You may be wondering what does joyful tai chi mean?

We can actually get quite deep with the idea of Joyful - I’ll keep the explanation for the course 😉. For now I’ll just say for 6 weeks, we’ll be PLAYING tai chi.

We’ll be learning the 5 moving forces, a Tai Chi form created by Chungliang Al Huang. I had the great privilege of spending two whole weeks in retreat with him this year.

Come play tai chi (and get your speaker ready for a tai chi boogie)! 🔊🔊🔊

Develop Confidence without arrogance

Accepting exactly where we are and playfully moving our bodies can be life changing.

We develop a confidence where we care less and less about what other people think. We give ourselves permission to be silly.

Watch as your practice deepens and you’re the one dancing tai chi at a wedding or in the park and people will think “I wish I was that confident”!

Learn in community

No tai chi community where you are? The course gives you access to Wayfinders learning community. Through Zoom breakout rooms and the chat rooms, make friends and deepen your understanding of yourself in community!

Free Bonus #1: Access to the “Breathe Easy” System

Worried you won’t have time to practice? Or it’s going to be hard and confusing?

I’ve created a guided practice system based on behavioral science that makes tai chi practice easy and enjoyable so that anyone can do it.

After each session you’ll receive Action for the Week print offs with ease practice ideas to do each day. Finally, you’ll be able to move mindfully, everyday with effortless ease.

Watch Lesson Samples


What is the Dao?


How can we Wu-Wei?



For 6 Sundays starting Sunday 29th October

5-7pm London Time

6-8pm Paris

1-3pm New York

10am-12pm Los Angeles

Live Schedule:

  • 4:45pm - Zoom room opens, community time
  • 5:00pm - Mindful movement (Qi Gong) and breathwork
  • 5:30pm - Philosophical Taoist stories with George
  • 6:00pm - Discussion breakout groups and activities
  • 6:20pm - Ecstatic Tai Chi
  • 7:00pm - Close

Beautiful HD recordings available if you can’t make it live

Learn at your own pace and still be part of the community learning journey.

About George

I’m a filmmaker and communicator of Daoist philosophy: the Way of Nature. My films have been watched by millions and over 200,000 subscribers have joined for the on-going adventure.

Tai Chi and Daoism have transformed my life. After 7 years of exploration and practice, I’ve learned not to take my harsh inner critic so seriously. I’ve felt more joyful and connected to our beautiful living planet. I better understand our societal problems and the way back to balance.

I am no Master or Guru, I am a life long student of the Dao. But I hope and believe that you will get a lot of value out of our time together. I invite you to get deeper with me in the spirit of exploration.

200k+      1000+

  subscribers       course students

“George’s films beautifully capture our deep connection with nature.”

Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield
Meditation teachers

“George Thompson is brilliant and has proper humility with his youth. He is championing the next generation of consciousness expansion”

Chungliang Al Huang
Founder of Living Tao Foundation
Co-author with Alan Watts of “Tao: The Watercourse Way"

Some of the Dao Teachers George has learned from:

Master Gu

Taoist Tai Chi Master

CC Tsai

Cartoonist and Philosopher

Edward Slingerland

Professor of Neuroscience & Eastern Philosophy

Deng Ming Dao

Daoist Author

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 You get:

✅ Ideas and practices to help you flourish

✅ 6 week guided curriculum with action sheets

✅ Explore empowering philosophy, qi gong and meditation!

✅ Take home actions to deepen your learning

✅ Beautiful Full-HD recordings available



Free Bonus #2: Taoist Motivational Posters

(Worth $49)

Get inspired by our motivational posters: beautiful photos of Master Gu and George with nuggets of Daoist wisdom.

Print them off, stick them on your phone or computer!

Students Share their experiences


Start learning for free, so you know you’ve made the right choice

I deeply believe in the value this course can bring to your life. If you take the lessons to heart and practice, you will:

  • Live with more energy
  • Joyfully express yourself with your body
  • Understand how you can contribute to a more balanced world
  • Make friends

I hope you are excited about what you can learn!

But I understand you may still be unsure if this course is right for you.

I want you to feel the benefits of the course from the moment you sign up.

That's why I am offering:

Free Bonus #3: Access to the Wayfinder Feel Joyful in 10 Days Program 

(Worth $97)

As part of your free trial, for the next 7 days, I’ll share with you guided videos, free print outs and checklists. Providing you with a super easy way to get practising, energised and joyful!

That way you can be confident about how impactful this course will be for you, for no risk.

If you’re not excited about the different this course is going to make to your life, you can simply cancel your free trial, no questions asked.

If you stay on, you’ll be charged for the course on day 7, giving you access to the live sessions and lifetime access to the course recordings.

Begin your learning journey with confidence!


Joyful Tai Chi & Philosophical Stories

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 Guided online course for 6 Weeks.
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✅ Deep ideas and practices to help you flourish

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Free bonuses:

✅ Bonus #1: Access to the Wayfinder Feel Joyful in 10 Days Program (Worth $97)

✅ Bonus #2: Access to the “Breathe Easy” System

✅ Bonus #3: Taoist Motivational Posters (Worth $49)


You will help spread ideas and practices to help people and planet live in balance

I am passionate about making films, courses and communities that help you and humanity live in balance. In the words of Charles Eisentien: "The story creates the system and we create the story.” I now have a team of talented creatives helping make this happen. Your course fee supports me and the team to make our vision a reality! ☯️🌎

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